The Fox Tan Elixir (120ml)

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The Fox Tan Rapid Tanning Elixir has been scientifically formulated to rapidly increase your melanin levels prior to sun or sunbed exposure.


Our Rapid Tanning Elixir has been formulated with our active and exclusive ingredient FoxComplex® that dramatically increases melanin levels in your skin - this is vital for the tanning process. Our exclusive formula has totally revolutionised the way babes bake worldwide.


Meet the Aussie brand that has taken the UK by storm! Babes worldwide can’t get enough of our active and exclusive formulations. Researched by a team of leading Australian biochemists, The Fox Tan has been developed to help you achieve your deepest, darkest, REAL tan, with less time in the sun or sunbed. Made In Australia. Vegan Friendly. Cruelty Free.